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One-stop building materials supplier from China.

Shandong Witop Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supplier of new building materials integrating home decoration and tooling. We have more than 20 self-owned factories and cooperative factories, and export products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

The products we can provide: indoor and outdoor wall decoration panels, indoor and outdoor floors, wpc fences, pu decorative stones, simulated green plants, and other home decoration and tooling decoration building materials.

The services we provide: free samples, product production progress tracking, drawing effect design, online installation guidance, quality assurance policy and other high-quality after-sales services.

Our team

The perfect team building makes us more professional in the process to ensure that the products are delivered to you on time and without error.

R & D team

Design and develop the latest styles and colors for us, and optimize the ratio of raw materials. Let our products be far ahead in the industry in terms of appearance and quality.

Quality inspection team

We have strict quality control on products to ensure that every product that leaves the factory meets our quality standards.

Sales team

Match the most suitable products for you and provide the most competitive quotation, and send samples to your hands in time.

Documentation team

Confirm the transportation method and delivery time for you, and deliver the goods to the destination on time in the most favorable way.

Factory team

Schedule your goods to ensure that your goods are produced and packed within the specified time.

After sales team

If you find that there is a problem with the quality of our goods, or any other needs, you can get a proper solution from our after-sales team.


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