How to Choose the Right Wall Panel for Your Home?

Renovating your home every season is not always practical or affordable. Purchasing new furniture, adding small decorative items, or completely repainting the house can be costly. So, how can you choose the right wall panel for your home that offers a fresh new look without breaking the bank?

Changing the wall panels in your rooms might be the perfect solution. Decorative wall panels can vary from room to room, allowing you to update your home’s appearance without a significant expense. Here are some tips to choose the right wall panel for different rooms in your home, such as the bedroom, living room, kids’ room, hallway, dining room, and more.

Tips to Choose the Right Wall Panel


The bedroom is a place for peace and relaxation. After a long day of work or household chores, your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Choose wall panels with subtle designs and soothing colors. Avoid warm colors like yellows and brown wood grain. Instead, opt for soft colors like baby pink and sky blue. For patterns, consider geometric designs or artsy motifs that bring tranquility to the room.


The hallway is a space where you can experiment with different ideas. Choose something quirky, such as a wall panel with a cycle motif, or go for a raw and edgy look with a plain dark panel with white lining. Ensure the hallway has proper lighting to enhance the effect of your chosen wall panel.

Kids’ Room

For a kid’s room, make it fun and lively. Choose wall panels with playful designs like ice cream cones or playground themes. Avoid classic geometric designs, as they are too formal for a child’s room. Opt for patterns that reflect playfulness and happiness.

Study Room

When selecting a wall panel for a study room, choose designs that help maintain focus and concentration. Classic polka dots or simple linear faded wall panels work well. Avoid distracting patterns to create a conducive study environment.

Dining Room

Choosing a wall panel for the dining room can be challenging. Avoid designs that directly reflect food, as they can appear childish. Instead, select wall panels with heavy, structured designs that add sophistication to the dining area.


For the kitchen, you can go portion-wise with your wall panels. If your kitchen has many cabinets, choose cutlery-themed wall panels for the remaining walls. This adds a thematic touch without overwhelming the space.


Wall panels can also enhance the look of your wardrobe. Adding a velvet or designer wall panel to the back of the wardrobe can give it a luxurious finish. This small touch can instantly elevate the wardrobe’s appearance, making it look rich and stylish.


Instead of whitewashing or repainting your entire house and increasing your budget, consider using wall panels. They can instantly add a luxurious touch to your home and provide a vibrant and unique look to each room.

The wall panels mentioned in this article are all Witop Decor WPC interior wall panels. They are environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and low maintenance, making them perfect for whole-house interior decoration.

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