How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

If your bedroom feels cramped or cluttered, or if it simply looks smaller than you'd like after decorating, these tips can help create the illusion of more space.

If your bedroom feels cramped or cluttered, or if it simply looks smaller than you’d like after decorating, these tips can help create the illusion of more space.

Decorate Your Bedroom with WPC Wall Panels

The design of the bedroom is crucial, and Witop Decor WPC wall panels offer a wide range of design options. Homeowners can customize and design according to their personal preferences to enhance their living space.


Tips for Making Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Create Floor-to-Ceiling Storage Space

Utilize vertical space by installing storage cabinets that make use of every inch of space. This helps categorize and store items efficiently, reducing clutter and making the bedroom appear more spacious.


Create Perceived Depth

Use visual tricks to make solid walls feel further away. Special wallpaper designs can create a sense of depth without altering the actual space. Soft details and light backgrounds are key to this method’s success.


Modern Design

For a modern and sleek look, consider geometric patterns. Bold and intricate designs can add appeal and depth, making the bedroom look bigger. Sleek and sophisticated design ideas can create a cozy atmosphere.


Choose All-White

An all-white bedroom, including the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, and bed linen, can make the space feel larger. To avoid a cold look in north or east-facing rooms, choose warm white and add texture with knitted or faux fur blankets.


Minimize Color

If all white isn’t appealing, opt for light colors. Light color schemes make the space feel larger. Use deep, dramatic tones and patterns sparingly, maintaining the room’s spacious feel with a range of shades and accents of white.


Master the Basics

Hidden Storage

Set up hidden storage under the bed to organize clutter and reduce the need for bulky cabinets.


Sliding Doors

Install sliding doors to save space that would otherwise be taken up by hinged doors.


Mirrored Closets

Mirrored closet doors can make the room feel twice as big. Place them on the longest wall for the best effect, making the room look more square. Sliding doors also save floor space.


Light Placement

Place lamps in front of mirrors to enhance the space-enhancing effect and double the amount of light. Use dimmer switches for soft, soothing lighting.


Use Vertical Space

Utilize vertical space by extending wall panels to the ceiling, making the room appear taller and more attractive.


Right Furniture

Choose furniture with dimensions that match the room. Harmonizing furniture with space can make the bedroom look more spacious and full.


Increase Ceiling Height

Create the illusion of a taller room with low furniture that reveals the floor. Bedside tables with legs allow visibility of the wall behind them, stretching the visual space. Contrast with a ceiling-high headboard to draw the eye upward, making the room appear higher.



WPC wall panels from Witop Decor can bring more design possibilities to your room. Unique design ideas can make your bedroom look bigger and provide a personalized atmosphere. Additionally, strategic changes in layout and furniture can further enhance the perception of space.

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